Download Minecraft PE 1.18.2 and 1.18 for Android free

Friends, it’s time to install the new Minecraft PE and 1.18 Cave Update on Android and enjoy wonderful adventures in dungeons full of secrets and mysteries, find chests with valuable resources or find portals to enter a new world.

Release Notes Minecraft and 1.18: Cave Update

In this version, the developers paid special attention to the elaboration of the dungeon. The mechanics of some elements of the game have been improved, new mobs and items have been added. It’s amazing how well all the details are made, it’s a pleasure to play.


In these versions of the game, the Nether now has several parts with specific functions and textures.

Highlighted the following places:

• Cave

• Mines

• Dungeons

• Battle rooms

Locations such as underground caves and mines have long been familiar to players. Nevertheless, dungeons are the main feature of this update. There are many dungeons with interesting treasures where the player can get great items for nothing. However, you need to explore the dungeons very carefully, as there are many traps in this area.

Battle rooms

These rooms are made according to the type of blocks for generating mobs, but unlike the spawner, there is no fire inside, which gives an advantage for hostile creatures, as their generation rate increases. However, for you it can also be at hand, since by destroying them, you can get the necessary items.


In addition to the common minerals, steel was added. Nevertheless, it is not generated as an ore, but can be obtained by smelting several alloys.

Gravel ores are generated on the territory of the game world and in caves. They are made in the same way as the standard ones. However, they have an additional function. They can be collected with a special tool – a shovel and recycled. The end result is nuggets. Gravel ores are generated over a large area and are easy to mine and therefore of little value.

Blocks and items

Steel blocks can be used to craft special armor and new tools. For example, a Trident made of such a material will automatically enchant the Riptide, this allows you to move the player to where the tool landed.


This newly added tool is also called the flushing mechanism, in the game specifically for processing gravel ore, because this fossil cannot be processed in the furnace and smelter.

When sifting gravel ore, nuggets can be caught, but sometimes the ore does not work.


In battle rooms and in caves in this version of the game, the generation of some creatures is increased; these include skeletons, zombies and spiders. The deeper the player explores the location, the stronger the mobs, since they will have more armor. 

Therefore, for example, a player can meet a zombie or skeleton in armor with very high durability, when in the ordinary world the probability of meeting such creatures is very small.

Download Minecraft: and 1.18

VersionMinecraft Bedrock
ReleasedDecember 9, 2021
License Free
Xbox Live+
Size137 МБ

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