10 Best Minecraft Cottagecore House Building Ideas for Beginners [2022]

Looking for the best cottagecore house building ideas? You are welcome here. Minecraft has been a popular game for a very long time now. There is a lot that Minecraft has to offer to people who enjoy building magnificent structures as well as enjoy the thrill of gaming and fighting bad guys. There is a lot you can do in Minecraft irrespective of your age. People from all walks of life enjoy their time on Minecraft. 

It need not always be about surviving the tough wild or exploring hostile environments and fighting monsters. In the Minecraft world, you can take some time off to relax and construct a base that is beautiful. You can live the life of your dreams at a sweet farm and have a peaceful life as well. Aesthetic Minecraft builds is also a popular way to enjoy Minecraft and many Minecraft players agree with it.

A lot of players like to go back to basics and adopt a peaceful life that is one with nature. Building a cute cottage core Minecraft house has almost become a movement for many Minecraft lovers. You can already guess what this is leading to. Building a cute Minecraft cottage is a dream for many players and if you are one of them this one’s for you. Minecraft cottage core is gaining a lot of popularity and rightly so. It takes players back to the basics of humanity which is to build a peaceful relationship with nature. 

Cottagecore houses are cozy, simple, and nature-centric houses. They usually have greenery around them and a structure generally and oftentimes made with stone. The use of wood is also apparent with these builds. The stone that is used to build this house is generally moss-covered. The important thing to know is that it should have a lot of greenery around it to make you feel relaxed and one with nature. They have a lot of flowers and natural beauty surrounding the house. It has a very simplistic feel around the house. 

These best Minecraft cottagecore house building ideas are great for beginners and veterans too. It does not require blueprints that are complicated or complex. You do not need any rare materials to make these cottagecore houses look stunning.

If you are struggling with cottagecore house building ideas, here are some ideas for beginners that you can try out and have fun with. 

10 BEST Cottagecare House Building Ideas

Dual Mushroom House

Have you played Minecraft with your pals? Isn’t it always fun? Indeed it is, well almost. If you enjoy building structures in Minecraft with your friends, try this Minecraft cottage core house building idea. Build this mushroom base within a two-player game. This mushroom base has enough room to give you shelter at night as well as store your essentials. Blonde Skunk’s video tutorial for Dual mushroom house is perfect for the cute aesthetic of cottagecore and offers perfect functionality. The only drawback is the amount of Quartz required to build the outer structure. But when you have two players sourcing resources and building the house it will take less time. 

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Survival Cottage

This cottagecore house design is by Jolee and it is all that you want for your Survival experience. It has space for storage, a lovely and functional greenhouse where it is safe to grow crops, and crafting stations as well. Do you have a hill around or if you can find one, you can even build this survival cottage on top of it. It will give you a panoramic view of the surroundings and it will look stunning. 

Fairy Bridge

This fairy Minecraft house tutorial by Cherie Luna is perfect for anyone looking to build a fairy-like bridge with the help of Oak leaves and Stone bricks. It is common knowledge by now that you can travel from one place to the other in a more systematic manner even if you want to cover a distance of thousands of blocks. It may involve using Nether portals to connect areas. But, your Minecraft world will look more organized by building bridges to join two areas. 

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Bee Sanctuary

Minecraft added bees to the game with the 1.15 version and it made a huge noise back then. Bees are not only a pretty addition but they also make themselves useful. When bees that are fully fed fly over the farms it ensures that the crops grow faster. The video tutorial by FullySpaced shows us how to create a lovely bee sanctuary and support their harmonious life with other beings. This is a perfect fit for your aesthetic Minecraft builds. 

Fairy Starter House

You can explore your creative potential when it comes to starting your new world in Minecraft. There is simply no limit to your imagination and you can build whatever you wish to. This Fairy starter house by Kelpie the Fox shows us that you can build a Cottagecore house with things that you have spawned for the first time and are already available. You can start building with what you already have. The best part about this house is its simplistic approach. There is a lot of room for customization if you like to transform the interiors. 

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 Aesthetic Cottage

Zaypixel’s video tutorial teaches us how to build this aesthetic cottage with Oak, brick blocks, and birch. It is a cozy cottage and the design is easy for any beginner to follow. It works well as a starting out base. This aesthetic cottage has a rustic feel that matches the theme. You don’t always need a huge build to add beauty to your world in Minecraft, try this aesthetic cottage and you will vouch for it. 

Fairy Enchanting Room

You need enchanting tools that are powerful to be fully prepared for the Survival world and everything that it throws your way especially if you plan on killing the Ender Dragon. For any player in Minecraft, building up an enchanting room is essential. Follow the video tutorial by Kelpie The Fox for a superb design that matches the cottagecore aesthetic. This cottagecore house building idea uses Obsidian, Andesite, various types of stone blocks and you can add your creative touch and make things more interesting. Add various resources of your choice to add a touch of spice and you can also make it more spooky with resources that are found in the Nether. 

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Underground House

Is your ultimate fairy fantasy to live in an underground home? It is a fairy fantasy for many Minecraft players and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Kelpie The Fox showcases how to build this underground house for you to live a down-to-earth life of a farmer or an adventurer out to live a slow life. It will help you build a rustic house and furniture that you can build using creative ways. It includes essentials like chests and crafting tables. Create a shovel for yourself and carve out your way to your own underground house. Always wished for your own Hobbit hole? Try out this Minecraft cottagecore house building idea that fits the aesthetics well. 

Fairy Gate

Attention to the finer details is everything when it comes to a project involving urban planning. Details help you maintain uniformity in your world in Minecraft. Cortezerino in the video tutorial shows how to build this fairy gate. This fairy gate has a lot of versatility. It has many uses. It can be used in ways like setting it up for the entrance of your town or using it as Nether Portals outer frame. Do you have enough resources? If you do, it will take very little time to set it up. Do you have any favorite shaders? You can combine it with them and make it look stunning. It always works! 

 Aesthetic Farm

Cottagecore house building ideas always pay homage to the aesthetic that works in a rural and artisanal way. It is only sensible to focus your attention and gameplay on building a dream-like forest atmosphere to get that fairy feel to your gameplay. You can build huge farms with the help of Redstone that will automate everything and for decoration, you can also use crops. You can follow the video tutorial by Kelpie The Fox to learn how to build this aesthetic farm. You can farm your own food without compromising on the aesthetics. You can make it look pleasing with this video tutorial. 


These were the 10 best Minecraft cottagecore house building ideas for beginners [2022] that you can try out. Even though these are nearly perfect and require no complex blueprints you can add your own creativity to it and make it your own. These ideas are quite impressive already. A cozy and small cottagecore house is always great to relax and take a break. A lot of Minecraft players love to build a Minecraft world for themselves that is slow-paced and want to grow their own vegetables along with enjoying their time by decorating their cute Minecraft cottages. These cottagecore house building ideas are tailor-made for you. Build it the way you want to and take some time off to relax. 

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