12 Cute Minecraft Garden Ideas for Beginners [2024]

In 2024, Minecraft is arguably one of the top ten most popular video games. It’s played by people of all age groups, with some people turning video gaming into a career by earning money from YouTube and Twitch Minecraft streaming. While Minecraft has many features and things to do within the game, we will be focusing on Minecraft Garden Ideas in this article. 

However, if you aren’t entirely familiar with Minecraft, here’s a short explanation of what it is. As we mentioned before, it’s a video game within which you can create a world using the tools and building blocks developed by the team at Minecraft. Critics and video game fanatics have described Minecraft as a type of sandbox video game. What this means is that Minecraft is set inside a virtual world built by the player. 

There are many exciting things about Minecraft, one of them being that the terrain inside the game is infinite. This means that players can play the game for as many hours as they’d like without reaching a stopping point that signifies the game has come to an end. You can play endlessly and complete multiple tasks that you set for yourself within the world of Minecraft. For instance, you build a structure like a house or building, and you can extract the raw materials and develop the necessary tools to create the said structure. With all the disasters and unexpected catastrophes happening in the past few years, more and more people are going back to the basics to make sure they’re perfectly self-sustainable even in the harshest of times. Prepper garden is the perfect backup for when you’re stuck at home because of war, terrorist attacks, or a pandemic.

Additionally, you can play Minecraft in a variety of modes. These modes include Creative, Spectator, Adventure, and Survival. You can even take things to the next level and use Minecraft farming mods to access more gardening tools. After you have selected you’re playing mode of choice, you can play against other real-life players, or you can play against computer-engineered mobs developed by the Minecraft company. For instance, if you choose to play in Creative mode, you will get lucky because you will get a never ending supply of resources that allow you to create your best Minecraft world. These modes are great for players who want to explore different aspects of the game because they will enable you to alter some of the game’s settings to suit your likes and dislikes. 

Even though we’ve briefly explained and introduced Minecraft to you and some of the features of the games, I haven’t even come close to fully explaining what this game is all about. I will end this introduction by saying that it’s a great game, and you need to play it all the time to fully understand why it’s so much fun. 

12 BEST Minecraft Garden Ideas

Desert Theme Garden  

After a global health crisis put all of our lives on pause for over a year, many of us have since wanted to feel like we’ve been on vacation in a destination far away from and unlike our homes. Thankfully, this is where a game like Minecraft comes in and helps you get away from regular life! The desert theme garden gives you and your Minecraft structure the chance to feel like you’re in a desert oasis. It has potted cactus plants near the border of the garden. In the middle of the floor, you’ll find that the flooring is made from wooden planks, dirt, and sand. In the corner of the garden is a small gazebo area with a small roof. 

Aesthetic Flower Garden 

The aesthetic flower garden makes you feel like you’re in a real live garden with beautiful flowers, plants, and grass. One of the best things about this garden is that it has a wooden fence that is guaranteed to make your lawn look even better than it did before. 

Oriental Garden 

Unlike the two simple garden ideas that we’ve shared so far, the Oriental garden has a variety of different elements that are worth spending time on. To give you an idea of what this garden has, here’s a brief description. It has several different types of plants, as well as mushrooms, rocks, and lots of sand. This garden is also divided into different parts by a stream, and it has a cute little bridge that connects the two halves of the garden to one another. The Oriental garden also has a Glowstone, which acts as its source of light. 

Paved Rose Garden 

No matter how you feel about flowers, we’re sure that this rose garden will change your mind and make you think differently about virtual flowers. The garden is 17×17 blocks and contains lots of high bushes around the perimeter. In the middle of the garden is a paved, raised area that includes potted rose plants. There are also some wooden benches in the four corners of the garden, along with two wooden arches at the two entry points of the garden. 

Minecraft Courtyard Garden

The Minecraft courtyard garden is one of more elaborate and intricate garden design ideas within the Minecraft world. It has a tall stone fountain right in the middle, and it is surrounded by some paved paths, grass, and hedges. We’d recommend building this garden outside a castle or a fancy hotel, but of course, if you want your home to look extra cool, you could make it there as well! 

Zen Garden 

The zen garden is everything that you imagine it will be: calm, minimalistic, and easy on the eyes. It has wooden torii gates on either side at the two entrances to the garden, as well as plants and some small bushes, flowers, and some sand. There are also a few boulders in the corners of the garden. 

Cherry Blossom Tree

The cherry blossom tree is the perfect garden design for when you want to make a statement. It looks wonderful during sunset. It has pink wool that makes up the bulk of the tree, some fences that surround it, and grass that looks like a natural carpet.    

Elven Water Garden

The elven water garden is another perfect garden design idea for when you want to make a statement within the Minecraft world. The water garden is a two-tiered structure. It has white walls and a roof with green tiles. It is surrounded by a lawn and has a moat-like structure as well. 

Yin Yang Rock Garden

The yin and yang rock garden is one of the most minimalistic and calm designs that Minecraft has. It has the classic yin and yang design arranged with black and white stones in the middle portion of the garden. Surrounding the garden are some bamboo trees in one corner, with a few plants in the other corners, as well as some lamps. 

Relaxing Garden Minecraft Idea

The relaxing garden idea is truly nothing short of relaxing and calming. It makes you feel like you’re in a fancy garden thanks to the nice wooden fence that surrounds that garden. Underneath the garden is a small stream that has a wooden bridge in the middle of it.  There are also several plants scattered throughout the garden, making it cool, calm, and pleasant. 

Sunken Castle Garden 

The sunken castle garden has fake canopies and lots of flowers. It makes you feel like you’re about to enter a castle after going through the dense forest protecting it from outsiders. 

Cabin side Garden 

The last garden idea we have for you is the cabin side garden. It is another simple and minimalistic design that has a few plants and nice pavement. Overall, it is a cute Minecraft garden idea. 

How to Make a Garden in Minecraft?

To make a garden in Minecraft, you need to set up a layout for your garden. Next, choose where you want to place the greenery of your choice. After that, you need a border, and then connect them with blocks of dirt. After that, decorate your garden with plants. 

Final words

In this article, we shared a list of garden ideas in Minecraft. They range from simple to extremely complex and elaborate. We also shared a brief explanation on how to make a garden in Minecraft.

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