12 Best Minecraft Floor Designs To Try This Year

Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular video games, especially in 2022. People of all ages play it, and some people have gone so far as to stream themselves playing Minecraft on Twitch and YouTube.  

In case you aren’t familiar with what Minecraft is, here’s a quick explanation for you. In short, Minecraft is a video game that allows you to create your world by using the building blocks provided by the Minecraft team. This video game has often been described as a sandbox video game, which simply means that the game is set within a virtual world that you build in by using your imagination and letting your creativity run wild.

One of the cool things about Minecraft is that the terrain within the virtual world created by the developers is infinite, meaning that you can keep playing for as long as you like without waiting for the game to end. You can do multiple things within the Minecraft world, such as building tools and various other items, finding and extracting raw materials, and then using them to build different structures, like houses or buildings. 

You can also play Minecraft in one of four different modes. These four modes are Spectator, Survival, Creative, and Adventure. Once you’ve chosen a particular mode to play in, you can play against other Minecraft players, or you can fight mobs that are engineered by the Minecraft system. If you choose the Creative mode for some reason, you will gain an infinite amount of resources to build your perfect and ideal Minecraft world. Another interesting Minecraft feature is that you can modify the game to suit your preferences. As a result, you can create new items or assets, and if you want, you can even make your gameplay mechanics! 

While I have given you a brief introduction and explanation of what Minecraft is and contains, I’ve barely scratched the surface. Minecraft is the type of video game that you need to keep playing to understand why it is so great! 

Once you’ve started to get better at building things within the game, you will quickly come to realize that the flooring is one of the most crucial parts of Minecraft. When you start to build something, you’ll realize that flooring is what helps you create a base for the house, building, or structure that you want to create. While you can use a few temporary blocks, it’s more important to start your building process with a great floor design. 

In this article, we’re going to take you through the top 12 Minecraft floor designs. If you’ve ever wanted to live out your best interior design fantasy, we’d suggest that you pay attention to the designs we’re recommending because they’re all pretty great. 

Let’s take a closer look at the designs. 

12 Cool Minecraft Floor Designs that are Worth Trying

Basalt and Blackstone Floor 

Our first choice is the basalt and Blackstone flooring. We love this flooring because it is made of polished basalt and Blackstone. If you want your Minecraft flooring to have an ancient and cultural sort of look to it, then this first option is the way to go. Depending on what your preference is, you could choose one of two patterns. The first allows you to select the 6×6 size. This is the original size, and it has a polished Blackstone in the corners. It also has polished Blackstone in the center, and it will be arranged next to polished basalt flooring that faces a different direction. The other design choice allows you to extend the polished Blackstone, which means that all you have to do is repeat the 6×6 pattern facing the direction of your choice. Please note that these are some of the most basic materials, which means that you can start to collect them once you gain access to the Nether. 

Wooden Floor

Wooden Floor
Image Source : Reddit.com

Our second pick is the wooden floor. This design is made of pretty much any kind of stripped wood, and it gives your structure a rustic feeling with a medieval vibe. One of the most fantastic things about the wooden floor is that its pattern was inspired by and based on a basket from real life. There are two lines of stripped wood in the design that cross over each other, while four strips of wood face upwards in the corner of the block. Another cool thing about these wooden blocks is that they are made of 100% wood! When playing Minecraft, you might find that you have some trees lying around, and so, if you do, you can go ahead and get started with the wooden floor. You can also make use of any kind of wood, like oak, acacia, or spruce. Depending on the overall theme you’re going for, the sky’s the limit in design! 

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Ruined Stone Bricks Floor

Ruined Stone Bricks Floor
Image Source: Game.guide

If a Medieval theme is what you’re going for, then these ruined stone brick floor blocks are a perfect choice. We’d suggest that you go with the 7×7 symmetrical flooring and use the stone brick as your primary block. This means that you put a special block in the middle and surround it with 12 blocks. Once you’ve done that, you can make a quarter of the floor by using two smooth stones, three chisel stone bricks, and four stone brick stairs. To make the flooring look cohesive, repeat this process until you’ve filled in all the gaps. 

Copper floor 

Copper floor 
Image Source : Youtube.com

The copper floor uses cut copper and oxidized cut copper to give your flooring a modern and industrial look. Copper flooring is also one of the most expensive types of flooring in Minecraft, which means that for one copper block, you need a honeycomb and nine copper ingots. To make a 6×6 copper flooring, you need 324 ingots. 

Dead coral floor 

The dead coral floor is perfect for giving your flooring an oceanic and frightening look. We’d recommend using it when building a laboratory or an underwater temple. It has a diagonal pattern, which creates a repetitive look on the floor. To locate the dead coral flooring blocks, you will need to locate a Coral Reef structure, which you will find in the Warm Ocean biome. You will also need to take a Silk Touch pickaxe with you to mine the corals. 

Construction floor 

Construction floor 
Image Source : Pinterest.com

These floor blocks are often found in storage units or fish shops. It has a very cool and unique piston design, making these blocks look pretty complicated and detailed. Unfortunately, unlike some of the other blocks in Minecraft, this one is difficult to produce because each piston needs four cobblestone blocks, one Redstone and iron each, and three wooden planks. This means that overall, you will need 24 irons and Redstones. You will also need a beehive, which requires three honeycombs. You can only get these only if you farm bees. 

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Entwined wooden floor 

 The next option is perfect for medieval-style flooring. We’d highly recommend that you choose this type of flooring because you only need oak and spruce logs. Remember that you need to be careful about arranging the barrels and logs because your placements affect what the blocks will look like. 

Wave pattern floor 

The wave pattern flooring blocks are some of the prettiest and most aesthetically pleasing blocks in Minecraft.  However, remember that these blocks can be challenging to build, but the final results are worth it. By using only four of these blocks, you can create more than ten different patterns! 

Nether hall floor

The nether hall floor is made from red nether brick, crimson nylium, black glazed terracotta, netherrack, chiseled, polished Blackstone, and nether wart blocks. For these flooring blocks, you are going to need to farm a large number of nether warts. This is because the nether warts are the main ingredient for these floor blocks. Additionally, you’re also going to need a lot of clay. If you don’t have clay, you need to search for a mesa biome for the terracotta. 

Sticky glowing floor 

The sticky glowing floor is more expensive than some of the other flooring types in Minecraft because you need a lot of glow stones and honeycomb blocks. One of the best things about this flooring is that it makes your home or structure glow at night. 

Glazed terracotta 

The glazed terracotta block comes in a variety of colors. You get access to these blocks by smelting terracotta. They add color and vibrancy to the structures you build. 

Colored glass

Colored glass
Glass panes (Image via minecraftmodz)

The colored glass in Minecraft can be used to make the flooring look more attractive. You can either dye the glass and make it stained glass, or you can work with it to make it tinted glass. 


In this article, we took you through a list of the top ten Minecraft floor designs. All of them are unique and pretty to look at, so we hope you enjoy working with them! 


How do you make a tile floor in Minecraft?

When you want to make a tiled floor, you first need to make a ceramic block using clay and the colored dye of your choice. Once you’ve done that, you can start to put a floor together. 

How do you decorate a floor in Minecraft?

You can alternate between different blocks, or you can choose a single block of your choice and build the floor around it. 

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