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Chilean Miner Rescue: The Video Game

It took a team of engineers and a massive battalion of supporters 69 days to pull 33 Chilean miners from nearly half-a-mile beneath the Earth’s surface. How long will it take you? Chilean design firm Root33 created this flash game adaptation which brings gamers through the process of Plan B. If you understand Spanish, biographical information about every miner is ...

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Portal on the iPhone

According to sources and this video proof, some guy has accomplished what many deem impossible. The above video shows the game Portal running on the iPhone. Whether this is just a lite version or a full port of the game is unknown at this point, but either version would be pretty cool in my book. Of course, there are plenty ...

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Former 3D Realms Artist Reveals Duke Nukem Forever Game Renderings

Ok, so 3D Realms is pretty much dead. R.I.P. We can only assume that the long-rumored and partially-developed Duke Nukem Forever died with it. I’m not quite sure if anyone actually knew how far along the game was in its development. But if these renderings are any sort of clue, the game would have kicked ass. Former 3D Realms Art ...

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