Why L.A. Noire Took 7 Years — Team Bondi Shares Dirty Secrets

Right now, popular game L.A. Noire is a financial success. However, it did take around seven years to make, and experienced a publisher switch (Sony to Rockstar) in the middle of development. However, that’s apparently not why the game took so long to be released. Team Bondi has shared some surprising – and somewhat shocking – info about their working conditions during development.

A public website has been released, which contains around 100 names of developers who worked on L.A. Noire, but who weren’t featured in the game’s credits. Also leaked has been anonymous information about the grueling conditions that developers dealt with under studio founder Brendan McNamara. The reports have been ‘supported’ by anonymous comments, like this one:

I can certainly attest to the appalling working conditions, the angry and abusive boss and the ineffective leads who were completely unwilling to do anything to protect their team members.

It’s a bit surprising that former members of Team Bondi would speak out, though this could be due to the close-knit nature of their Australian community.


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