Dante’s Inferno Video Game Preview: Actually Looks Really Awesome

Here is the developer preview of the second circle of hell, Lust, from the upcoming Dante’s Inferno video game by EA. Disturbing, visceral, dark, tormenting and, most importantly, awesome. All words which describe what we can see from the game. The devs decided not to go overly smutty, considering the subject of Lust, though instead delve into the dark torment of the word. The gameplay sort of looks like a cross between God of War and Diablo.

As someone who has always been morbidly intrigued by gore, evil and even Alighieri’s original Inferno story, Dante’s Inferno looks right up my alley. It’s much darker than almost any other game I think I’ve ever seen. It will surely turn-off some, but it just inspires the hell out of me.


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  1. Off to dante’s for lauren deal’s b-day party. Dante’s is a club? How old am I?

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