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Dante’s Inferno Video Game Preview: Actually Looks Really Awesome

Here is the developer preview of the second circle of hell, Lust, from the upcoming Dante’s Inferno video game by EA. Disturbing, visceral, dark, tormenting and, most importantly, awesome. All words which describe what we can see from the game. The devs decided not to go overly smutty, considering the subject of Lust, though instead delve into the dark torment ...

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Heaven and Hell

Nothing better encompasses the idea of heaven, hell and purgatory better than Dante’s Divine Comedy. That’s why artist Marco Brambilia, who apparently directed Demolition Man, decided to use Dante’s masterpiece as his inspiration for an art installation in New York. The Standard Hotel in New York City has an elevator with a big video screen inside it. Ascend upwards and ...

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I-Dog Joins The KISS Army

Straight out of Hell and right under your Christmas tree is this hotter than Hell KISS-themed I-Dog. Who rocks harder than KISS? That’s right: no one. The dog sports Gene Simmons’ Demon face paint, but also shows some love to Paul Stanley with stars for the Star Child. It plays back music via a built-in speaker and also puts on ...

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