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Dante’s Internet: The DIV-ine Comedy

For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. For every internet sin there’s an equal and totally fucking justified punishment. Welcome to Internet Hell, inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Specifically Dante’s Inferno. Dante’s Internet features 9 circles, including the spot reserved for the worst of the worst offenders, “special hell.” Everybody from trolls to hackers are at risk ...

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World Wrestling WTF: One of These Is Not Like The Other

So just say you metaphorically enjoy watching WWE wrestling. Or a friend of a friend does. Yeah, that’s it! And this friend of a friend just happened to be surfing through his favorite Smackdown superstars on the WWE webpage when he came across something intriguing. So it would seem that the WWE has stooped to signing fictional video game characters ...

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Dante’s Inferno Just Keeps Looking Cooler and Cooler

Back in July we were lucky enough to see a developers preview of the Lust circle for the upcoming game, Dante’s Inferno. Now we’re getting a sneak peek of the seventh circle of hell, Violence. This game just keeps looking more and more epic. Do you think Dante’s Inferno will be a classic, a flop or somewhere in between? We’re ...

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Dante’s Inferno on NES

One of the most anticipated games of the past few years, Dante’s Inferno has had a last minute console change. Rather than being released on the PS3, Dante’s Inferno will now be available exclusively on the NES. Link [via]

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Dante’s Inferno Video Game Preview: Actually Looks Really Awesome

Here is the developer preview of the second circle of hell, Lust, from the upcoming Dante’s Inferno video game by EA. Disturbing, visceral, dark, tormenting and, most importantly, awesome. All words which describe what we can see from the game. The devs decided not to go overly smutty, considering the subject of Lust, though instead delve into the dark torment ...

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