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The $29 Question

I wrote a little commentary on my other site, The Veneziani Journal, regarding Mac OS X Snow Leopard and its pricing. At $29, this is a huge issue which could significantly affect both Microsoft and Apple. My tale of the take: Apple is pulling out its big guns this year. The thing in particular Im referring to started at the ...

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Apple Raising iTMS Prices

Oh shit! If you’re one of the suckers consumers that pays for tracks on iTunes, your world is about to get flipped upside down. Starting April 7th, Apple will charge more than $.99 for songs with popular tracks shooting up to $1.29. This, according to the LA Times, has been in the works for awhile and Apple has apparently let ...

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Twitter Unveils Premium Accounts

EDIT: I also failed to notice that this is A COMPLETE HOAX. Twitter is gaining in popularity, that cannot be denied. I still just don’t understand why people like to lifecast this much though, but hey, who am I to judge? The Twitterati will today be pleased to find out they can now pay Twitter a good chunk of money ...

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Blackberry Storm Pricing Leaked

Over on Howard Forums, a cellphone forum I stopped going to years ago, some kind stranger was nice enough to leak a screenshot of some placeholder pages on Verizon Wireless‘ website. The Blackberry 9530 Storm is going to cost $219 with a two-year contract and a killer $519 if you decide to pay month-to-month. A one-year contract upgrade will net ...

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