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The HeadThere Giraffe Telepresence Robot

Talk about getting a heads up at work. The Giraffe Telepresence Robot lets you put your “head there” along with your coworkers or client. The Giraffe works with a video display and a camera attached to a robotic base. The base height can be lowered or extended depending if your coworker is sitting or standing, or a midget. The 2 ...

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Ubiko robot says “Only you can prevent office fires!”

Robot manufacturer tmsuk teams up with Kyushu University and the Kanazawa Institute to create Ubiko, the Smokey the Bear equivalent of office robots. The 132-lb Ubiko was originally designed to serve as a temporary receptionist, equipped with exclusive sensors to sniff out ash and smoke. When Ubiko wasn’t receptive to its bosses sexual advances, the reception duties were taken away, ...

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The Prosthetic with a brain

Bodyhack’s Randy Dotinga was an attendant of the AAAS conference, one of the largest scientific conferences in the world, and discusses his experience sitting on the panel of the neural implants and prosthetics. The conversation quickly changed to the evolution of brain science. One matter discussed was the ability of a prosthetic to not only just be an artificial limb ...

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Kuka Juke Bot, the robotic DJ out scratches the pros

So…You wanna be a DJ? Check out these Kuka robotic DJs. The two robots are encased in a circle of LPs. Both robots working independently, grab a LP and place it on the turntable, where it proceeds to consume you in scratching and mixing madness. The DJ’s are actually two Kuka industrial robots which have been modded to be master ...

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Robot Nurses: The future of hospitals and strip clubs

Hospitals have become plagued with staff shortages, which results in more work for the current staff, and longer waits for us patients. Scientists think that the future of medicine lies in the hands of robotics. Prototypes have already been used in hospitals, but soon the technology community sees robotics taking even a stronger hand in medicine…with robotic nurses. The IWARD ...

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Meet Miuro: The boombox that acts like your nagging sibling

Miuro never leaves you alone. It will follow you until your within an inch of your life, and then it will just follow you more. Though, if you have come accustomed to listening to your iPod on a dock system, but have a tendancy to not be in one place long enough to enjoy a complete song, the Miuro might ...

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