Meet Miuro: The boombox that acts like your nagging sibling

miuro robotic boombox

Miuro never leaves you alone. It will follow you until your within an inch of your life, and then it will just follow you more. Though, if you have come accustomed to listening to your iPod on a dock system, but have a tendancy to not be in one place long enough to enjoy a complete song, the Miuro might not be as annoying as it sounds. The robotic boombox is controlled through a remote control where you can command Miuro to follow your every movement and then get your mail. At first look, we thought the Miuro looked a little flimsy, but on further research, we discovered that the Miuro is equipped with Kenwood speakers and costs a whopping $939. If you want to spend that much money to be followed, hell, we’ll follow you for cheaper. — Andrew Dobrow

Miuro the Robotic Boombox [SlashGear]

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