The HeadThere Giraffe Telepresence Robot


Talk about getting a heads up at work. The Giraffe Telepresence Robot lets you put your “head there” along with your coworkers or client. The Giraffe works with a video display and a camera attached to a robotic base. The base height can be lowered or extended depending if your coworker is sitting or standing, or a midget.

The 2 MP video camera allows you to see the person you are talking to from your remote location, so you can keep an eye on your employees even when you are living it up on vacation. A two way speaker allows for normal conversation. Software is included which allows for operation of the robot and configuration of the speaker system. In addition to height management, you can also tilt the screen if you have to look at a downwards slant to read papers.

Depending on popularity, the Giraffe is expected to cost somewhere between $1,800 and $3,000, supply and demand taken into account. A great feature of telepresence technology is the ability to use the robot from anywhere. If you own 10 businesses, you could hypothetically place a Giraffe in each one of them to keep an eye on the work efficiency. — Andrew Dobrow


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