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Recycled Film Canister Mini-Speakers

Those of you who like to bust-a-groove to Huey Lewis while snapping shots with your non-digital camera, we’ve got a little project that might inspire some creativty within your traditional minds. We’re sure you’ve got a shit load of old film canisters laying around. Bird-Electron has put together a Kodak Film Speaker system, recycling old canisters. Using empty film canisters, ...

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Samsung YA-DS200: The “mobile speaker”

Despite its appearance, the Samsung YA-DS200 is not a cellphone. In fact, it’s a mobile speaker system. Compact and sleek, the 800mW speaker to go has the same design scheme a the Samsung YP-K3 MP3 player and would make an excellent addition to your portable media sound system. Its LCD screen displays levels of the audio output as you listen. ...

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The HeadThere Giraffe Telepresence Robot

Talk about getting a heads up at work. The Giraffe Telepresence Robot lets you put your “head there” along with your coworkers or client. The Giraffe works with a video display and a camera attached to a robotic base. The base height can be lowered or extended depending if your coworker is sitting or standing, or a midget. The 2 ...

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i.Sound Plasma iPod Speaker System brings the effect

Staring at this plasma globe brings back memories from middle school science class and how ridiculous people looked when they touched one of these things. Their hair standing at attention. At one point or another, when we were all kids, we all dreamed of owning one of these things. With images filling our heads of dreams of fun filled hours ...

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Intempo IDS-01b iPod Dock Tastes The Rainbow

  If you happen to be one of those people who needs to have everything in life organized and color coordinated (ya momma’s boy), the new Intempo IDS-01b iPod Dock and Speaker system might just tickle your pickle. Not only do the unit’s have exact matching colors for the nanos, but they offer a helpful serving of a set of ...

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