Intempo IDS-01b iPod Dock Tastes The Rainbow

intempo ipod dock  

If you happen to be one of those people who needs to have everything in life organized and color coordinated (ya momma’s boy), the new Intempo IDS-01b iPod Dock and Speaker system might just tickle your pickle. Not only do the unit’s have exact matching colors for the nanos, but they offer a helpful serving of a set of active speakers for your listening pleasure. If you simply like the sleek design or pretty (and flamboyant) colors, but don’t own an iPod product, never fear! The IDS-01b is compatible with most other devices on the market.

The purrrrtyness of this product should not make you fear for a lack of usability. The dock syncs with both PC’s and Mac’s via a included USB cable. For such a compact gadget (23cm long x 12cm high x 9cm deep), Intempo managed to squeeze in a 2 x 6 watt RMS with Neodymium speakers and 3D super bass design, which translates to getting big sound, out of a small system. The dock seems to be out of stock from the retailer, so have good luck getting your hands on one for the holidays. — Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [Advanced MP3 Players]

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