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Add SLR Lenses To Your Video Camera

Instead of worrying about buying an assortment of custom lenses for your video camera, why not just add your own SLR lenses on to the one you already own. The problem with adding multiple lenses is that your display winds up upside down because of all of the mirrored images. Joshua Reich fixes this problem with a few harmless tweaks ...

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New life-saving robot: The iRobot SUGV Early

Robots have been so widely used in Afghanistan and Iraq that there have surely been thousands of lives saved by the mechanical wonder dogs. Boeing and iRobot have joined hands in tech harmony to create the SUVG Early, a next-gen reconnaissance robot capable of even more than previous models. The SUGV will be faster, lighter, and smarter than its older ...

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The HeadThere Giraffe Telepresence Robot

Talk about getting a heads up at work. The Giraffe Telepresence Robot lets you put your “head there” along with your coworkers or client. The Giraffe works with a video display and a camera attached to a robotic base. The base height can be lowered or extended depending if your coworker is sitting or standing, or a midget. The 2 ...

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RCA releases Small Wonder

Just as the car industry went from monster SUVs with horrible gas mileage to small hybrids with excellent gas mileage, the video camera industry is going from big (think Canon XL2) to pocket-sized with the RCA Small Wonder. This tiny camcorder can store up to 60 minutes of MPEG-4 audio and video, or 30 minutes for high resolution, probably a ...

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