RCA releases Small Wonder

rca small wonderJust as the car industry went from monster SUVs with horrible gas mileage to small hybrids with excellent gas mileage, the video camera industry is going from big (think Canon XL2) to pocket-sized with the RCA Small Wonder. This tiny camcorder can store up to 60 minutes of MPEG-4 audio and video, or 30 minutes for high resolution, probably a better choice for a cheap camera. Connect to both Macs and PCs with the retractable USB arm and load up the software which allows you to view, save, email, or delete videos. The camcorder runs on 2 AA batteries, which can be better than a rechargeable battery if you�re on vacation or something where you can�t access an outlet. Hopefully you�re not half-blind, otherwise the 1.5 LCD screen might be a little hard for you to see; however, if you are, you can watch you videos on a TV through the Small Wonder�s AV outlet. You can probably go without editing software with the Small Wonder because if you�re only paying $130 for a video camera, you�re most likely not the type to be editing (you can always use Windows Movie Maker if you so desire). — Nick Rice

RCA Small Wonder [via Gadgetell]

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