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Lady Gaga Rematerializes the Image

To reboot their product line, Polaroid have appealed to the highest authority: they've named Lady Gaga their creative director. Her photographic sunglasses may be a caprice; her new digital instant camera offers retronovation with technical flair.

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Inflatable Photo Studio

Every choice in life comes with positive and negative baggage. The good thing about the Inflatable Photo Studio is that you can mobilize your hobby and always have a portable spot to snap off a few B&W portraits of your favorite subject. And then, of course, there is the downside, which isn’t nearly as pleasant. The bad thing about dealing ...

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Swedish Chameleon Turns Your Canon DSLR Into a Multi-Purpose Monster

At first glance, I would have sworn this was some engine for a small motorcycle, but then I thought to myself, “Wait, engines don’t have lenses.” No, what I saw wasn’t an engine at all. This was some sort of camera. And a Canon DSLR at that. As it turns out, this is Swedish Chameleon’s way of compressing a whole ...

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Camera-Wielding Inflatable Giant Invades Tokyo

In a culture that’s been terrified by monsters like Godzilla and Mothra for decades, I’m not sure an inflatable giant was the best choice of advertising mediums for the people of Tokyo, Japan. Panasonic used a gigantic inflatable model of their celebrity spokeswoman, Ayase Haruka, wielding a Lumix FX700 larger than two humans, to convince/terrorize the people of Tokyo to ...

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Telescopic iPhone 4 Lens Shoots the Moon

Don’t get me wrong. The new 5 megapixels sensor of the iPhone 4 is a vast improvement over other iPhone models, but it just doesn’t do the trick for taking some of the detailed, intricate photos some of us enjoy taking. Japanese stargazer Jurilog decided that instead of using a DSLR camera, he wanted to use the iPhone 4 to ...

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Rethinking the Form Factor of DSLR Cameras

Since cameras became a portable medium, the form factor, aside from size differences, have remained relatively unchanged. With the new compact hardware and constantly increasing quality, is it time we started to rethink the form factor of the DSLR camera? Yaniv Berg takes a fresh look at the way we interact with our cameras with his periscope-styled handheld designed for ...

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