Rethinking the Form Factor of DSLR Cameras

Since cameras became a portable medium, the form factor, aside from size differences, have remained relatively unchanged. With the new compact hardware and constantly increasing quality, is it time we started to rethink the form factor of the DSLR camera?

Yaniv Berg takes a fresh look at the way we interact with our cameras with his periscope-styled handheld designed for shooting from the hip. Many photographers have taken on the challenge of shooting from the hip in order to gain a new prospective of their subjects. The periscope form form factor of this DSLR concept helps reduce the criticisms of hip shots simply being a matter of luck rather than artistic vision by providing a way for photographers to see what they shoot even when the camera is well below eye-level.

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  1. This isnt an SLR or DSLR as it has no reflex mirror. Its just a point and shoot camera with exchangable lenses.

  2. I’m pretty sure the designer intended it to somehow be a DSLR. With some concept designs, admittedly, you have to engage a heavy suspension of disbelief.

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