Canon Lens Mug Almost Indistinguishable From The Real Thing

Photographers are hard to buy for because all of their equipment is typically so expensive. But if that special photog in your life happens to be a devout Canon user, or not even, just because this thing is so damn cool, here is the perfect gift.

The Canon Lens Mug looks almost identical to an actual Canon 70-200mm F4 lens, except the only thing it’s made for is holding a beverage of your choice. Just don’t mistake it for a real lens or you might have a real mess on your hands, both literally and´┐Żfiguratively. Now this is why you need a rain cover employed at all times. Apparently Canon was handing out these bad boys at the Olympics, so they’re likely a limited edition collector’s item. Hit the jump for video proof!


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  1. it is sold out everywhere. i found have them in stock. anyone buy from this site yet?

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