Kuka Juke Bot, the robotic DJ out scratches the pros

kuka industrial robotic dj

So…You wanna be a DJ? Check out these Kuka robotic DJs. The two robots are encased in a circle of LPs. Both robots working independently, grab a LP and place it on the turntable, where it proceeds to consume you in scratching and mixing madness.

The DJ’s are actually two Kuka industrial robots which have been modded to be master turntable masters. They actually sound pretty neat! Turntableism is sadly becoming a dead art form. Can the Kuka Juke save the day? Check out videos and more pics after the jump.

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kuka industrial robotic dj

kuka industrial robotic dj

kuka industrial robotic dj

Andrew Dobrow

KUKA Industrial Robots [via Hacked Gadgets]

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