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You Have What? Where?

operation theater

If you have ever worked in an emergency room then this article won't surprise you in the least. Sure, it's a little much for 9am, but why not start the day feeling lucky that this isn't you. Take a look at some of the objects that have been recovered in emergency rooms around the world.

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DaVinci and McSleppy Perform World’s First Fully Robotic Surgery

At McGill University Health Centre, prostate surgery was quickly becoming just a tad too routine. So they decided to mix it up a bit. Paging, Dr. DaVinci and Dr. McSleepy! DaVinci, a widely used surgery bot which allows doctors to operate from a remote location, and McSleepy, the anesthesiologist bot, joined forces to perform the world’s first fully robotic surgery. ...

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15-Year-Old Boy Receives First Permanent Robotic Artificial Heart

An unnamed teenage boy sat in his hospital bed, awaiting death as his muscles slowly degenerated into oblivion. He was perhaps days away from death when doctors decided on a radical procedure. The 15-year-old in question suffered from Duchenne syndrome, a disease which causes rapid muscle degeneration but does not provide eligibility for a heart transplant. That’s just the way ...

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Say Goodbye to Glasses and Contacts: Gene-Altering Eye Drops Could Replace Lenses

Short-sightedness is on the rise across the developed world. With a generation of kids spending their days indoors and a constant stream of urbanization, our eyes are becoming more and more susceptible to short-sightedness because of the lack of glances into the distance. Science might have an answer which can soon solve some viewing woes for good. Scientists have linked ...

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X-Ray Photobomb

Don’t you hate it when your doctor is one of those guys that just feels the need to be in every picture? I’ll hand it to him, he has a pretty impressive skull, but I refuse to condone such behavior, and it’s not just because I’m extremely jealous of this man’s normal-shaped head. Link

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Robotic Wheelchair Follows Around Unsuspecting “Companions”

The Robotic Wheelchair designed by Saitama University�s Human-Robot Interaction Center is programmed to automatically follow a human companion, using a built-in sensor and camera system which automatically detects the companions shoulders. The Wheelchair is also capable of avoiding obstacles, such as other oncoming humans. Until the day it is legal to harvest humans for personal slavery, this Robotic Wheelchair will ...

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