Swallowing Detector Monitors Everything That Goes Down Your Throat Hole


Does this Swallowing Detector make me look fat? No, YOUR FAT FACE MAKES YOU LOOK FAT! YA FAT FAT FATTY PANTS!

This Swallowing Detector, also known as Automated Ingestion Detection (AID), helps you keep track of all of the disgusting crap you shove down your throat hole on a daily basis, with the hopes that you’ll shove less disgusting crap down it if you can actually monitor what you’re doing to yourself.

AID will also help your care provider to keep track of any defects in your nutrition, which I’m sure these are many.

AID uses an external throat microphone to monitor ingestion levels with a 94% accuracy rate. So keep your bacon consumption to 6% of your daily intake and you’ll be good.



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