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Knife + Fork = The Knork

While not as linguistically pleasing as the spork (it just has a good mouth feel, ya know?) or as entertaining as the Zing, the Knork molds together two essential eating utensils, without the worry of cutting your mouth open in the process. The Knork contains no sharp edges, so there’s no worries that you’ll accidentally slice yourself a nice Glasgow ...

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Food Chain Friends Are Morbidly Cute

What if I told you, the overworked mother, I could teach your child about science and let them enjoy some quality playtime simultaneously? I’m sure you’d burst into tears and start thanking me but I can’t take credit for this. The Food Chain Friends are a cute series of stuffed animals that eat each other and do it quite well. ...

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Dude Eats Incredibly Large Hamburger

We love burgers here at Gearfuse and while we normally wouldn’t do a post on food, this dude ate a 15-pound hamburger. You heard me. 15 pounds of delicious meat was consumed by one Brad Sciullo, a chef from Pennsylvania. And this just wasn’t bun and meat either: The burger included a bun, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, mild banana peppers ...

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Toss Your Salad While Fingering It

What? You think I have a dirty mind? Designer Merry Kawamura Ganjavian is way more of a perv than I ever will be. Aside from having a name that sounds like “Merry Ganja,” she’s created a unique set of utensils that can be worn on your fingers. Dubbed “Eat With Your Fingers,” you’ll soon find yourself fingering your yogurt, salads ...

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Eating With A Stick Was Never This Elegant

Remember the Ballpoint Eating Utensils I wrote about a few months back? This Outdoor Cutlery reminds me of that concept, though this time made for the outdoors man, rather than the cubicle man. If your out in the woods, with none of your beloved silverware at hand, it would be nice to have a set of suitable cutlery to get ...

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