DaVinci and McSleppy Perform World’s First Fully Robotic Surgery

At McGill University Health Centre, prostate surgery was quickly becoming just a tad too routine. So they decided to mix it up a bit. Paging, Dr. DaVinci and Dr. McSleepy! DaVinci, a widely used surgery bot which allows doctors to operate from a remote location, and McSleepy, the anesthesiologist bot, joined forces to perform the world’s first fully robotic surgery.

DaVinci sends 3D HD images to the surgical team, where they operate its arms via video control. McSleepy makes the perfect partner for such an operation. Anesthesia can be difficult during robot surgeries, because the patient has to be positioned just so, with a high level of muscle relaxation. Using McSleepy guarantees the same quality of care for every surgery, with precise configuration for that operation�s specific needs.

The groundbreaking surgery was closely monitored by attending surgeons, and the procedure was a rousing success. The surgery’s success makes it very likely that the robo-docs will team up again in the near future to further research their tag team ability.


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