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Spirit of the Age

Seven years ago, Mars Exploration Rover Spirit landed on Mars. Mired in 2009 after traveling nearly five miles across the Martian landscape and silent since March, Spirit's parking spot may be its final resting place.

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Looking for Mars

The Red Planet has been the object of science fiction, paranoia, and fakery. And with numerous spacecraft now beaming back publicly-available images from our neighboring planet, Martian fantasizing is a growth industry. This film is one of the most convincing, and it isn't even from Mars. Video after the jump.

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You Are Here: Earth As Seen From The Surface of Mars

As Carl Sagan once said of the now iconic Pale Blue Dot photograph, “all of human history has happened on that tiny pixel, which is our only home.” On March 8, 2004, on a chilly Mars dawn, one hour before sunrise on the 63rd Martian day of its mission, also known as sol, the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit snapped this ...

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NASA Working On MMO

While World of Warcraft still reigns supreme as king of the MMOs, Blizzard has an unusual competitor entering the market: NASA. The government space agency is developing an MMO that takes place around 2035 and focuses on “being in a habitat on a planetary surface and doing things like mining Helium-3 for fuel, operating a hydroponics facility to grow plants ...

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Phoenix Mars Lander Ends Mission

The Phoenix Mars Lander has given NASA and scientists an unimaginable amount of information. It discovered both water and snow on Mars and has helped paved the way for exploring for life in outer space. But all good things must come to an end and after a Martian dust storm, combined with the harsh winter conditions on the surface of ...

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First Water, Now Snow? Go Figure

The Phoenix Lander is still hard at work discovering various hints of life on Mars. NASA had originally believed there was ice on Mars, but weren’t able to prove it at the time. Then, NASA found water. Now, Philip Christensen, the principal investigator for the Mars Odyssey THEMIS camera system and a professor from Arizona State University says melting snow ...

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