First Water, Now Snow? Go Figure

The Phoenix Lander is still hard at work discovering various hints of life on Mars. NASA had originally believed there was ice on Mars, but weren’t able to prove it at the time. Then, NASA found water.� Now, Philip Christensen, the principal investigator for the Mars Odyssey THEMIS camera system and a professor from Arizona State University says melting snow in Martian craters may have created a system of gullies that have potentially formed life.

“I think we have discovered remnants of snow packs on Mars that in the recent past have melted,” says Christensen. “I think if you were to land on one of those and stick a shovel in the ground, you’d be shoveling snow. And if life ever existed on Mars, I can’t think of a more exciting place to possibly go and look.”

Mars is a cold place, but just because it’s as cold as a witches tit doesn’t mean it can’t sustain lifeforms. After all, there are organisms on Earth that can withstand the temperature of Mars. Is mankind ready to take that giant leap into the final frontier and colonize a planet? Probably not. Regardless, Mars is proving itself to be the perfect candidate and has been proving it for quite some time.

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