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Grand Theft Auto V Hits Shelves Tomorrow!


The day that so many gamers have been waiting for is almost upon us and it's about time because we've been going nuts waiting for GTA V! If you are lucky and you pre-ordered your copy of Grand Theft Auto V then chances are that you have your game in hand today.

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GTA: Chinatown Wars Has Lackluster Sales

This has gotta hurt the ego of Take-Two and Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the latest iteration of GTA on the Nintendo DS, hasn’t been selling. At all. Since its release in March, it’s sold a mere 88,704 copies. Compare that with over 7 million copies of GTA IV and you have a complete massacre. Business Insider thinks ...

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Jackpot: Dude Finds Ecstasy Pills In Used Video Game Manual

So, here’s the deal. Some dude bought two used copies of Grand Theft Auto games for his 12-year-old son and was surprised to find a few ecstasy pills wrapped in cling wrap, hidden in the video game’s manual. Instead of quietly thanking the gaming gods and grabbing the nearest bottle of water, the father decided to cause a little scuff, ...

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How To Plan Your Own GTA IV Crime Spree

Grand Theft Auto mania is running wild, brother! We figured in the spirit of the game’s release, many of you hooligans are either feeling the game so much that you’ve got your own little real life crime spree planned, or you’re so scared from the game’s contents, that you’re ready to go all out military protection and armor down the ...

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Rockstar Games Thinks You’re A Wanker If You Use Apple Products

I won’t be able to check out GTA IV until later tonight, but apparently, if you venture into an Internet cafe and explore around the private network the Rockstar crew has set up, you’ll find a page poking fun at everyone’s favorite company. Instead of Apple, you see Fruit. And yes, it implies two things. That you are gay because ...

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GTA IV Cover Art Made On An Etch-A-Sketch

More than a year ago we wrote about an artist who featured drawings made using only the super-retro Etch-A-Sketch. Sorry to Mr. Gagliardi. I mean, we love the fact that you have the awesomeness to feature the word “Gag” in your name, but this artist, who made a rendition of the Grand Theft Auto IV cover art on his Etch, ...

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