Jackpot: Dude Finds Ecstasy Pills In Used Video Game Manual


So, here’s the deal. Some dude bought two used copies of Grand Theft Auto games for his 12-year-old son and was surprised to find a few ecstasy pills wrapped in cling wrap, hidden in the video game’s manual. Instead of quietly thanking the gaming gods and grabbing the nearest bottle of water, the father decided to cause a little scuff, claiming that his kids, whom apparently play XBox constantly, could have died if they had taken the mysterious pills.

Dude, if your 12-year-old son is still swallowing random things he finds wrapped in suspicious looking cling wrap, it’s safe to say he shouldn’t be playing Grand Theft Auto in the first place. Not to mention the little gaming addict is wearing an AIG shirt. I mean, really? Teach your son some values.


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  1. yeah i hate retarded parents like that. I would say he should drop some himself but i wouldnt want a good pill wasted on him in this day and age.

  2. For real, JT. Good point.

  3. Looks like they need a bit of fun …the father should have popped those babies

  4. Can’t think of anything terrible to say about the parents. Darn, what a waste.

  5. pfft if that was me i would of neva said nada bet he would of popped em 2 if his son didnt find em lol

  6. omg i think they both are video game addicts the son is 12 and he has huge bags under his eyes and his dad has bags under his bags XD get some sleep and get a life people like that freak me out and piss me off i just want to smash their x box and their face cause their wasting their life playing xbox

  7. im not against e fools but ask yourself if you want your kids doin shit like e when there that young thats a gateway drug homies

  8. hmm maybe rockstar decided too amp up the grand theft auto series a bit with four hit’s of real high potent extacy too get you really motivated too stay up late and finish the endless list of mission’s in liberty city SIGH game companies stop at nothing making customers buy more than one copy just for the extra hits of extacy

  9. dick head the aig shirt is manchester united nd his dad is just thinking of his safety

  10. That’s where they went, damn. Old school Doves as well, should have necked ’em when I had the chance. (winkingsmileyfacething)

  11. yea chill who would want their kids in the possession of the pills, even if he knew that he shouldn’t take them. so your a fucking retard. and yea its a manchester united jersey get it right or get fucked

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