GTA IV Cover Art Made On An Etch-A-Sketch


More than a year ago we wrote about an artist who featured drawings made using only the super-retro Etch-A-Sketch. Sorry to Mr. Gagliardi. I mean, we love the fact that you have the awesomeness to feature the word “Gag” in your name, but this artist, who made a rendition of the Grand Theft Auto IV cover art on his Etch, totally blows you out of the water.

This boy has got some serious sk1llz! He calls himself The Etch-A-Sketchist and a name as mysterious as that is always cool. Some serious work must have went into this cover piece because there is some crazy detail. Etch-A-Sketch doesn’t make it very easy. I mean, you can’t just trace over the box. It takes a keen eye.

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  1. Okay…… if ya want to get blown away some more, take a look at my site Most of my stuff is posted there, however my newest stuff is at: (at least until I can get it on my site).
    Seems like everybody mentions all the other etch artist, but somehow my stuff gets missed, so sorry for the self-promotion here.

  2. @Etcha Thanks for the link! If you do something with a tech theme be sure to let us know!

  3. what do you want to see? if you give me a couple of suggestions, I’ll try to put it on my to-do list. It probably wont be as detailed as some of my other stuff, but if it gets me some attention, I’ll try to get it done. The closest thing I have right now is the Penrose Triangle, (which is what M.C. Escher based alot of his illusions on)
    you can see it at:
    again, thanks

  4. @Etcha That triangle is pretty sick dude. I dunno. You’ll have to surprise us. 🙂

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