Grand Theft Auto V Hits Shelves Tomorrow!

The day that so many gamers have been waiting for is almost upon us and it’s about time because we’ve been going nuts waiting for GTA V!


If you are lucky and you pre-ordered your copy of Grand Theft Auto V then chances are that you have your game in hand today. If, however, you weren’t thinking ahead you’re going to have to wait until the game hits shelves tomorrow.

Interested in what the new game has in store though? There are more than a handful of early reviews out already. Each of these reviews claim that GTA V still has its original luster but this time it also brings the potential of heists to the table. With the new feature all three of the main characters can heist banks and jewelry stores etc. adding a new dimension to the GTA goodness.

The biggest complaint that reviewers had about the newest game in the GTA series? The characters and the narrative. The characters have repeatedly been described as being over the top where the narrative has been “hampered” to borrow the term from reviewers at Joystiq.

The bottom line however, seems to be that if you’re a GTA fan, you won’t be disappointed with the action in this one.

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