Grand Theft Auto V is Real — Though That’s All We Know

This week, Rockstar posted a really�aggravating�teaser for yet another Grand Theft Auto game — Grand Theft Auto V. Though there aren’t any details about the actual game that have been released, the gaming world is already buzzing in anticipation. Will this Grand Theft Auto be set in Chicago? San Francisco? Seattle? (Okay, probably not Seattle)

Ever since Grand Theft Auto II was released in 2001, the franchise has experienced an incredible boom in popularity. With open-world exploration and some questionably controversial content (remember “Hot Coffee”?), every Grand Theft Auto game since then has made headlines. Even Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, which was released for handheld systems, got pretty good reviews.

Rockstar says that a trailer with more info about Grand Theft Auto V will be released on November 2nd.


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