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Apple Unveils the New iPhone 4S (Not the iPhone 5)

Well, it's the announcement that everyone has been waiting for -- Apple's new iPhone. However, it's not the iPhone 5, as many people were expecting. Instead, Apple has released an upgraded version of the iPhone 4, which will be called the "iPhone 4S".

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First iPhone Push Applications Take Root

Back when the iPhone 3.0 OS was first announced, one of the biggest features was that applications would feature push notification. Since the iPhone lacks multitasking, this would allow a program to act like your email and push updates/IMs/messages to your phone without it actually being active. Last night, AOL released the OS 3.0 version of AIM and we’re all ...

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The iPhone 3.0 OS Update

So yesterday, Apple held one of its little private conferences where they go over some sick new product or service. This time, it was the iPhone 3.0 OS. So much stuff was covered that there’s no time for jokes. Let’s dive right into this shit:

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iWork ’09 Available For Free

So after yesterday’s asstabulous keynote from Apple, iWork ’09 hit the web faster than you can say “Hack the Planet!” If you’d like to score a copy of the office productivity suite for yourself, simply fire up your favorite Bit Torrent client and grab the torrent off, oh let’s see, pretty much any torrent site on the ‘net and you’re ...

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