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Humans Will Need Two Earths by 2030

Set the lasers for consume. According to the Living Planet Report, if humans maintain their rate of resource consumption, we’ll need the capacity of two Earths by the year 2030. The report states that human demands on natural resources have doubled in under 50 years, far outpacing what the Earth can provide. In fact, if everyone on Earth today lived ...

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Astronaut Films Video of the Earth Traveling at 17,239 MPH

For those of you who don’t want to or mentally can’t do the math, 17,239 MPH is about 4.7 miles per second. So it takes about two seconds for the Earth to circle around yo momma’s ass. NASA astronaut Don Petit captured this time lapse video from the International Space Station. At one point you can actually see the northern ...

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Scientist Says We Might Live Inside of a Black Hole

True story. Indiana University cosmologist Nikodem Poplawski observed the activity of particles entering a black hole and apparently Einstein might have been wrong about that whole general relativity theory thing, at least the part that says black holes are singularities. According to Poplawski, instead of matter reaching infinite density while going through a black hole, the particles rebound and expand ...

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Auroras Over Both Poles As Seen From Space

NASA recently released a set of beautiful photos taken from space in April 2010. Among them was this jaw-dropper. A shot of an active Aurora on both poles of our beautiful planet. Luckily you have to be a little further away to see all of the space junk. EDITOR’S NOTE: Ok, so it’s an artistic rendering. Whatever. Still beautiful. *disappointed* ...

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You Are Here: Earth As Seen From The Surface of Mars

As Carl Sagan once said of the now iconic Pale Blue Dot photograph, “all of human history has happened on that tiny pixel, which is our only home.” On March 8, 2004, on a chilly Mars dawn, one hour before sunrise on the 63rd Martian day of its mission, also known as sol, the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit snapped this ...

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