Qatar to Use Artificial, Remote-Controlled Clouds for World Cup 2022

If you aren’t aware, the small nation of Qatar will be hosting the 2022 World Cup, which my sources tell me is some sort of soccer/”futball” event that is not all that different from the Olympics. When the country was selected for the event some people were concerned that the extreme heat found in Qatar during the summer months would have a detrimental effect on the product. After all, June and July (when the tournament is scheduled to be held) are two of the three hottest months in Qatar, with temperatures averaging 100+ degreed (Fahrenheit).

Not to fear: Qatar has a plan.

Officials from the country have already assured FIFA that their stadiums will have solar-powered air conditioning. As if that wasn’t good enough, Qatar University scientists have invented an artificial cloud that they can deploy over the stadium. Yes… a cloud.

According to Qatar University’s head of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, Saud Abdul Ghani, the “cloud” will be a remote-controlled carbon structure that would carry a giant envelope or pouch or something filled with helium. They would use the “cloud” to block sunlight during games and make the field a little cooler for the players and fans alike.

I don’t know — it sounds cool, but it also sounds like a blimp. Without any kind of visual aid it’s hard to tell whether or not this is actually worth the time.


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