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World Cup Facebook Fail: Go Team North America!

This reminds me of an article in The Onion: Increasing Number of Americans Unable to Point Out Map. “Not only did a majority of people just stare blankly ahead, but nearly half pointed to nearby desk lamps in their attempts to guess correctly,” Sometimes, I heart stupid people. Link

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He Still Looks Pretty Ronery

If you had to choose one image that encapsulated the sheer greatness of North Korea, what else would you choose but Team America’s very own puppet rendition of the Great Leader. All I know is that Hans Blix is shaking in his boots. Prepare for a very angry letter Kim. Link

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Google Celebrates World Cup with Search Specific Doodle

Call me a stupid American. Call me not down with the times. But I never really got into soccer. Maybe it was my inability to play the game that really did it. Soccer isn’t friendly to chubby smokers who can’t run more than a few feet. But for whatever reason, I never really grasped the sport. But then again I ...

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World Cup Figurines Become USB Drives Post-Decapitation

I can hardly pretend to love soccer with the same devotion as some of you. Here’s how you know someone doesn’t love soccer as much as you. Number one, they don’t drink tea at a certain time every day. Two, they drive on the right side of the road. Three, they say mile instead of kilometer. But if you are ...

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