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Fox News Twitter Feed Hacked

Hackers from a group calling themselves the "Script Kiddies" infiltrated the Fox News Politics twitter account, and published false reports that President Obama had been killed.

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4chan Founder Speaks at SXSW

Christopher "moot" Poole, the founder of infamous message board 4chan, spoke at South by Southwest. During his keynote, he talked about how 4chan is misunderstood and how Mark Zuckerberg is wrong about Internet anonymity.

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The Anonymous Hugging Wall Allows Hobos to Feel Loved

Sometimes you just need to be held. Everyone has felt a dreariness only curable through the touch of another affectionate human being. The Anonymous Hugging Wall, designed by Keetra Dean Dixon as part of the Methods & Apparati for Social Facilitation and Mood Elevation project, allows anyone who passes some free love. I could always use a good hug. It ...

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Unmask Anonymous Callers With Trapcall

Face it: we were all teenagers once (and some of us still are I’m sure!) Remember how you used to dial *67 to block your number on Caller ID and then call up a pizza place asking if you could get a large pizza with a side of “dis dick,” knowing full well you were protected from Luigi and his ...

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