Anonymous – ‘We’re Taking Down Facebook on Nov 5th’

Anonymous has been mostly absent from the tech news, though it seems that they’ve unearthed a new plan for their battle against the elite. According to a recent video release, Anonymous will be taking down Facebook on November 5th. “Be Ready”.

According to the video release, Anonymous is ‘doing us a favor’ by shutting down a social network that exploits, sells and stores our personal information.

Now, if the comments on the youtube video are any indication, facebook users aren’t too happy about this. One commenter writes,

Lol, what the f*** are they going to find? out about me from Facebook? What I look like, my age, my email address, and that I’ve got weird animals.”

It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any reaction from Facebook about this.

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  1. Anonymous if you are reading this by any chance, why do you care if people exploit about themselves on facebook? It’s a place where people from all over the country can talk to each other. As said once before by another “What are people on Facebook going to find out about me? My name, e-mail address and the fact i have weird animals?” Why should people lose the opportunity to chat with there friends in the possible only way that they can because of your damned rebellion? My guess is your the one how has hacked Sony and the Playstation Network…….why bother? is there a point to it? Why should people lose things cause of your damned rebellion and you still have the ability to get into things?

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