Anonymous Targets Sony, PlayStation Network

The Sony/GeoHot saga has become something of a farce, with the last anyone heard of GeoHot being that he just happened to have taken a “planned vacation” to South America during the height of the investigation against him. Well, anybody with their pulse on the Internet could have told you this was coming, and it has in fact happened: Anonymous has gotten involved.

Individuals claiming to be members of Anonymous have taken to YouTube and other sites to take credit for the sudden and unexpected downtime of both the PlayStation website and PlayStation Network, Sony’s online service that allows PlayStation 3 owners to play with each other (in theory, if you can get a connection that isn’t ass).

Sony, to their credit, says that the outages are due to “sporadic maintenance,” though that doesn’t really tell people much.

Frankly, what good does bringing the PlayStation Network down really do? In no way does this help GeoHot or any other PS3 hacker and, in all honesty, it doesn’t hurt Sony too terribly since their service is free to begin with. If anything, it temporarily delays purchases from their game and movie stores that, frankly, people are going to make anyways. In the end all this does is hurt the PlayStation 3 owner.


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