StickyTwits Bumper Stickers: Advertise Your Twitter URL on Your Car


Twitter is causing a hubbub across the globe as the next step in communication and social interaction. Your Twitter URL is now considered to be as sacred as For many, this is totally justifiable. Creating and promoting your online “personal brand” on Twitter is quickly becoming the modus operandi of the modern business man.

Can you really and truly be one with your brand if you don’t advertise your online lifestyle during your offline time? StickyTwits Bumper Stickers allows users to stick their Twitter URL right on the bumper of their cars for the world to see during their daily commute. Choose your own color scheme from their four varieties and order your own for $14.95.

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  1. This is definitely the way of the future in a market place that will continue to grow as people see how far they can take twitter

  2. thanks for giving us a mention

    we love you – no really! it is a beautiful thing you are doing

  3. my uncle just ordered a few!

  4. Interesting read, thanks for helping keep me busy at work 😉

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