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In Enemy Territory: Path Now Advertising On Facebook

It was only days ago that data analysis concluded that Facebook had been losing users in droves, over 6 million US users last month alone, a 4% drop. Analysts concluded the exodus was a result of new up-and-coming social networks such as Instagram and Path stealing the fleeing user base

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Movie Posters From Alternate Angles

Movie posters are almost as much a part of pop culture as movies are themselves. A good poster can make or break an opening weekend. Ad agency Y&R created these awesome alternate angle movie posters for LG's 3D sound advertising campaign.

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Science Fantasy

"Data envelops and surrounds a newborn in a neonatal ward, forming a protective shell/blanket/mobile�we might even think of it as bathwater. It's magical no, wait, it's science!"

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Advertising and pseudoscience: the Polamolecule

Some "products dive even deeper," says Joshua Glenn, "down to the cellular level�where a shampoo's ionic, nanorobotic, or I-don't-know-whatic technology causes the cells within a single strand of hair to oscillate through rejuvenating vibrational motions."

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