In Enemy Territory: Path Now Advertising On Facebook


It was only days ago that data analysis concluded that Facebook had been losing users in droves, over 6 million US users last month alone, a 4% drop. Analysts concluded the exodus was a result of new up-and-coming social networks such as Instagram and Path stealing the fleeing user base. A sign of the times; social mobility eases its way into the spotlight.

Facebook users are buried in stagnation. They’re ready for a change, much as MySpace users fled to Facebook to avoid the ever-growing bloat that MySpace once was (and still is). Path provides them the change of pace they’ve been asking for.

As I browsed Facebook today I found something that equally startled and compelled me. Right there, clear as day, was a blatant paid ad spot, sponsored by Path, inviting the Facebook user base to give Path a whirl. Has Facebook sold its soul to the enemy? I found it particularly interesting considering the vast press coverage that the massive Facebook user exodus inspired.

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