Mark Zuckerberg Ice Cream: Facebook on a Stick


Created by Stoyn, this Mark Zuckerberg Ice Cream Pop features an exact likeness of the Facebook creator’s head. Zuck’s head on a stick: something that Tom from MySpace has been dreaming about for years.

Stoyn not only created the ice cream in the Zuck’s image, but made sure that the design and ingredients were custom designed specifically for Zuckerberg’s needs. Zuckerberg is color blind, and sees blue the best of all colors, so Stoyn chose a dark blue color and included Butterfly Pea Flower, an ingredient which  sharpens eyesight and eliminates eye fatigue.

I’m sure Zuck will find a way to advertise on here too.

Stoyn actually makes a large variety of celebrity ice creams, most of them are really impressive. Head over and take a look.


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