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Homer Simpson iPhone Vinyl Sticker: Mmm… Smartphone

Etsy seller Apple Jam designed this genius Homer Simpson iPhone sticker. While I’ve never seen Homer eat a piece of fruit, I’m not quite sure this counts. Mmm… technolicious. Thought we bet he’ll be saying “Do’h” when it comes out the other end. Shattered glass? No thank you. The sticker is sold out for now, but if you bug Apple ...

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Slide to Unlock Car Sticker Decal

If you’ve chosen the career path of car jacking, you’re job has likely never came very easily. There’s the trouble of car alarms, conscientious bystanders, not too mention police officers. Can’t a man steal another man’s vehicle in peace? Lucky for all of you aspiring car jack-artists out there, your job just got a whole lot easier, or at least ...

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Toilet Monster is Watching You Poop

Hu2 Stickers offers this awesome Toilet Monster vinyl sticker set which makes it look like there’s a little dude peeking out from inside of your john. If you’re worried that you’ll have to leave the sticker on there forever and ruin the integrity of your shitting hole, no worries. These stickers come right off with no residue left behind. Link

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StickyTwits Bumper Stickers: Advertise Your Twitter URL on Your Car

Twitter is causing a hubbub across the globe as the next step in communication and social interaction. Your Twitter URL is now considered to be as sacred as YourName.com. For many, this is totally justifiable. Creating and promoting your online “personal brand” on Twitter is quickly becoming the modus operandi of the modern business man. Can you really and truly ...

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CCTV Decals For The Commode

Etsy always has the coolest shit on the Internet. Made by some merry prankster, these CCTV decals are designed to keep an eye on you while you pull a number two. In fact, these stickers are so awesome, they’ve sold out completely on Etsy. I’m sure more will come but for now, you’ll have to keep a close eye on ...

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Anti-Theft Stickers For Your Car or Bike

Dominic Wilcox is both a great graphic designer and a cheeky bastard. He’s come up with these realistic-looking rust stickers that go on your car or bicycle. Dominic figures that, because your bike looks like shit, no one is going to steal it. Fair enough. You can grab a set for $8 but remember, no guarantees! Link

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