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StickyTwits Bumper Stickers: Advertise Your Twitter URL on Your Car

Twitter is causing a hubbub across the globe as the next step in communication and social interaction. Your Twitter URL is now considered to be as sacred as YourName.com. For many, this is totally justifiable. Creating and promoting your online “personal brand” on Twitter is quickly becoming the modus operandi of the modern business man. Can you really and truly ...

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Enable 720p Video On YouTube

YouTube is great for entertainment, but quality is a whole other bag of marbles. When I have a video I plan on uploading, I don’t want it compressed to all hell and back for the purpose of streaming. Because of this, I usually use Vimeo for those vids. But thanks to a hack involving the URL of YouTube videos, you ...

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Tikitag: Personal Tagging

This isn’t the first idea of real-life geotagging but a new system called Tikitag certainly looks to be the most successful. Think of it as a personal RFID system with a receiver and some sticky tags. These are fully programmable in the sense that you can associate any URL with the RFID tag. Throw it on a pack of condoms ...

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P8tch Things Up With MILF Hunter

See this patch that looks like it belongs on a messenger bag from 1994, right next to that goofy Nirvana logo? Good. First off, it’s not a patch like on your mommy’s quilt, it’s a P8tch. It features a special barcode that your cellphone (possibly) can scan. When scanned, the “patch” takes you to the URL of your choice. Have ...

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