Enable 720p Video On YouTube

YouTube is great for entertainment, but quality is a whole other bag of marbles. When I have a video I plan on uploading, I don’t want it compressed to all hell and back for the purpose of streaming. Because of this, I usually use Vimeo for those vids. But thanks to a hack involving the URL of YouTube videos, you can now squeeze 720p HD quality vids from everyone’s favorite video website.

To do it, find the video you want in 720p and change the following text in the URL or embed code:

By changing that fmt variable to &fmt=22 or tacking on &ap=%2526fmt%3D22 to the embed URLs—that’s right, turn it up twice past 11—Youtube will kick out compatible videos at a whopping 720p resolution.

Extremely sweet. I’ve included some hacked video of CSI’s David Caruso to demonstrate. Just remember that 720p video means big bandwidth, so no slow connections and don’t go bitching at YouTube because your favorite video isn’t loading right away.


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