Software I Actually Bought: MediaLink

I have to come clean for a minute. I haven’t purchased any Mac or PC software in well over three years. I’m a pirating machine and I’d like to think I do it very well. However, I recently got a demo of some software called MediaLink from Nullriver Software. It essentially links my Macs to my Playstation 3 out in the living room of my apartment. This allows me to stream all those pirated TV shows and movies to the big screen TV out in the other room. I can also stream all my iPhoto photos and iTunes music as well. Think of it as a godsend.

Well after using the demo, I said “Fuck it.” and plunked down the $20 for MediaLink. It feels nice to support a company making a utility that is indispensable to me. My roommates and I have been ghetto-hacking our TV for months, trying to get out movies and such to stream or playback. Now my PS3 does everything I’ve ever wanted: Next-gen gaming, Blu-ray playback, classic gaming, streaming audio, video and photos and Internet browsing.

If you have a Playstation 3, I highly recommend checking out MediaLink. You won’t regret it. Nullriver also makes a piece of software for the Xbox 360 called Connect360 that does the same sort of thing.


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