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6 Images Acrophobics Will Hate

Cameron Davidson Office Building

Are you the type of person who's palms sweat at the mention of rock climbing? Or perhaps watching a scene from an IMAX movie makes your heart pound? Well if so, these 6 images are definitely not for you. Take a look at 6 of the most breathtakingly images by Cameron Davidson that all acrophobics will hate.

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6 Incredible Photographs Of Every Day Things

Winter Sky by Anna Fischer

The thing about eyesight is, is that we all too often take it for granted. We see the same objects every day in the same way and they begin to blend in to the background. There is something sad in that in a way, which is why today we are going to take a look at six incredible pictures of every day things, to force you to re-evaluate.

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NASA Photo Chronicles First-Ever Astronaut Jetpack Excursion

You probably don't know this, but February 12th, 1984 was an incredible day for space exploration. No, we didn't discover a new galaxy, or make a huge technological advancement in the area of extraterrestrial communication. However, an astronaut did attempt the first-ever exploratory maneuver that took him further away from his ship than had ever been attempted.

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Target Photo Kiosks Now Let You Print Photos From Facebook

Target announced today that their Kodak photo kiosks, where customers can print out their own photo prints, will now support Facebook connectivity. Users will be able to log-in and print out photos featured on their own Facebook page in glossy professional prints. Well at least now you know you’ll never be short of photos of your friends making kissy-lips at ...

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Deleting Embarrassing Facebook Photos Doesn’t Actually Delete the Photos

As Facebook strives to quell their privacy woes, more and more risks to our security are unveiled. This time, it’s the fact that deleting photos doesn’t actually delete your photos. Deleting your photos on Facebook is simple, you just click the delete photo link. Sounds easy enough. But what Facebook doesn’t want you to know is that even when you ...

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A Graphic Guide to Facebook Profile Pictures

At one time, the “MySpace pic” was the premiere brand of photo usage on social networks. The MySpace pic was pretty straight-forward and super-effective, particularly for fatties. The secret was shooting from above and making a kissy/ducky face. While MySpace has fallen from grace, the legacy of the MySpace pic lives on through Facebook. This infographic provides a guide to ...

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Even More Photos of The Secret Lives of Stormtroopers

Back in November of 2009 we posted a series of photos depicting the very secret lives of Stormtroopers. How exactly does the great white menace spend their off-duty time? The answer appeared to be spending a lot of time in each other’s arms and painting nude portraits of each other. This edition of The Secret Lives of Stormtroopers unveils their ...

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Apple Tablet Revealed Through The Intrinsic Art of Blurry Spy Photos

Now you’re going to want to take this with a huge grain of salt. We’re talking a grain of salt so big that you might not even be able to carry the damn thing. But supposedly, a helpful little mole sent these spy photos into Engadget revealing the coveted Apple Tablet, bolted to the table for what we can only ...

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