Glitch Art Recreates Compressed JPEGs with Encoding Issues in Painting Form

Believe it or not, the image you see above is not a terribly corrupt photo file, but a painting created to resemble a highly compressed JPEG with some severe encoding issues. Artist Andy Denzler is the mind behind this glitch art, creating each piece with oil paint on canvas.

Make no mistake, it takes a particularly talented artist to create such purposely shitty and detailed pieces of art. Check out Andy Denzler’s site to see loads more of his unique take on painting.

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  1. Dr, Glitch: First of all: these glitch art works are not even the work of Gerhard Richter.

    as in: Which is linked as the source in our link.

    Second, that link just links to a generic search result which doesn’t even list Mr. Richter in the results, so your argument which was useless from the beginning is now rendered even more useless.

    Thanks. Buhbye.

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