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Rembrandt’s Innovation Which Changed World of Art


The saying ‘art transcends cultural boundaries’ holds absolutely true when an artist endeavors to curate the humane world out of the real world. Rembrandt’s art is the picture-perfect illustration of the same as it involves the preference for uncompromising realism. Rembrandt Harmenszoon (1606- 1669), who made his image as the most innovative and prolific Dutch painter in the world of ...

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Cross Cultural Contamination: Boring Paintings Jazzed Up

Whether it be an awful landscape or a classic in need of a little modern kick, Jon Hansen’s got the solution with his Cross Cultural Contamination project. Hansen picks up terrible Thomas Kinkade rip-offs and other paintings seemingly made for cheap hotel rooms and spices them up with Navy Seals, Street Fighter, Godzilla and other pieces of pop culture. A ...

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Dramatic Chipmunk Oil Painting Could Be the New Dogs Playing Poker

Call it what you will. A chipmunk, a prairie dog, a walrus. The point is that the damn thing is dramatic. And the drama has now been captured in a hand-painted work of fine art. The 11″ x 13″ print immortalizes the most famous rodent on the web. For around $39, you can add the Dramatic Chipmunk oil painting into ...

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Hello Nurse! Art Or Photography? We Don’t Care

Take a look at the image above. Is it a photograph or is it a painting? It’s actually an oil painting influenced by the aesthetic of black and white photography created by Adam Stennett. I’ve got no idea how he makes these images look so life-like, especially the water running down this lady’s crack. Hubba hubba. All I know is: ...

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